Trump Indictments Have Ignited a Juggernaut of a Presidential Campaign

Gavin M. Wax
4 min readMay 19, 2024


President Trump just can’t stop winning, as the many indictments levied against him by his political opponents continue to earn him billions of dollars worth of press coverage. In fact, these indictments and the resulting media storm are doing a better job of convincing doubters of the authenticity of his agenda than President Trump and his team could likely do on their own!

Suburban moderates and independents, the type of gilded voters most likely to be offended by Trump’s rhetorical bombast or otherwise buy into the anti-Trump propaganda blitz, are seeing a sort of coordinated, repellent injustice against Trump previously unfathomable within their narrow worldview.

As such, millions of Americans are now thinking: If so many prominent elected officials, judges, prosecutors, district attorneys, media talking heads, academics, faceless bureaucrats, and other influential figures throughout “respectable” society are willing to collude in broad daylight to railroad President Trump in such a brazenly dishonest manner, then could have they rigged the 2020 election? Could they have faked the Russia conspiracy? Could they be lying about absolutely everything?

Of course, every Trump supporter and American patriot knows the answers to these questions all too well. Now, the broader public is being forced to contemplate them as they confront the contradictions between the official truth and the apparent reality. These everyday Americans are being told that everything is fine as they are mugged by extreme inflation, as dangerous sectarian conflicts pop up each day, as ethnic hate and gender-bending pornography invade the schools, and as America disintegrates before their very eyes. Even the most incurious and oblivious of Americans thereby have begun to introspect about their future under the Biden Regime.

The globalist elite severely miscalculated by declaring Total War against Trump; their arrogance and lust for vengeance got the better of them. The globalists were frankly successful in ousting President Trump with a coup on Jan. 6, shutting him off from mainstream social media, siloing his supporters in echo chambers, instituting a domestic crackdown on so-called dissidents, and reclaiming power (at least temporarily) over the system. The tactically intelligent move by the globalists would have been to freeze Trump out, refusing to give him any more oxygen that he needs to set the grassroots brush fires required to achieve victory.

But by waging politically motivated prosecutions that resemble the show trials of Soviet Russia and the struggle sessions of Mao’s Chinese Cultural Revolution, the globalists have given Trump all the fuel he needs to reinforce every point he has been making for years. It is now abundantly clear that a deep state exists and is intent on destroying Trump, making a cruel example of him to keep others from rising and challenging its absolute authority. There is, in fact, a multi-tiered justice system for the preferred class that outsiders do not receive, even if they are as wealthy and influential as Trump unless they follow the regime’s orders to the letter. This criminal system transcends the traditional political divide, demonstrating that the Republican-Democrat dichotomy is little more than a smokescreen to create a false debate perpetrated by mountebanks in tow of vicious transnational corporate interests.

The cases against Trump allow him to make every point he needs to make, and his ability to frustrate and compound those manipulating the levers of power adds to his aura and strength. The masterstroke of being able to orchestrate one of his most excellent Wall Street deals, showing the immense market value of his revolutionary Truth Social platform, to become more prosperous than ever right at the moment when he is most threatened with being bankrupted by lawfare, reminds the world what a world-class tycoon President Trump is. Watching the privileged, DEI, low-IQ girl bosses in unearned positions of esteem flail and humiliate themselves with gaffes and scandals aplenty and seeing them trot out Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels for the umpteenth time shows that the system is growing desperate and that Trump alone is the man of our age to confound and defeat these menaces.

From visiting a Harlem bodega where a clerk stabbed an assailant in self-defense to delivering a dozen pizzas to FDNY heroes at their firehouse to his evasion of ridiculous gag orders and daring a slimy judge to throw him in jail, it is just power move after power move for President Trump. (Sick of winning yet?) The elitists, in their hubris, believing that forcing Trump to endure these ridiculous trials would wear him down, are finding that the exact opposite is coming to fruition. Trump is reinvigorated by the animating contest facing him, doing his best work under immense pressure with the intent to overcome every obstacle in an atmosphere that is becoming as raucous as the legendary 2016 presidential race.

All of the holier-than-thou True Conservatives™ who claimed that Trump’s campaign would be adversely impacted by his many indictments have been proven laughably incorrect. Not only is the spectacle of the court proceedings a hallmark of his surging campaign, but Trump’s rallies are only growing in popularity as a direct result. Trump’s recent New Jersey event was perhaps his most significant to date, and the many foils emerging for Trump to skewer are invigorating the man and helping him hone his material heading into the general election. Remember back in 2016 when Trump took down over a dozen of the supposed best the Republican Party had to offer? He grew more powerful with every competitor vanquished. The thrill of the kill motivates Trump, and he will have many fat carcasses to feast upon by the time Biden is on the hit list in November.

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Gavin M. Wax

Gavin M. Wax is a New York-based conservative political activist, commentator, columnist, operative, and strategist. You can follow him on Twitter at @GavinWax